Brand New

God’s plans are perfect!  God’s plans are Good!

Many years ago we had a friend visiting us in Costa Rica ask us if we had planned the location of our house, Multi use center and the mission house along with the  green soccer field to play ball.  Of course our answer was NO, and we now see that God is the one Who has made it all happen.  All this to say that once again God is planning and doing.

We have just started the construction of a new Mission House right in the location and timing that God planned.

This year 2015 has started with a bang!  We have been blessed with many people coming to the feet of Jesus.  One particular family Mom and Dad are getting married under God.  Then the son and his lady decided to get married.  Finally the other son with his lady have decided to get married under God.  Each one of these three families have just recently made a commitment to

serve God.  Their wedding ceremony will be May 31st in the jungles of Jobo, Costa Rica.

Please pray for them as they are starting a new life.

While in Ft. Myers, Fl.  for a mission conference, we were blessed with special dresses made for girls.  Destiny and Grace Ministry gave us over 100 dresses to give to girls of all ages.  While sharing God’s love and hope to the children in La Barra del Colorado and in Jobo we were able to pray for each child individually, hand out dresses to the girls and hand out socks to the boys.  What a joy it is to see the smiles and hear the laughter of these children.

The work in Costa Rica continues to flourish and blossom.  God doing it and we are right there with Him.  Step by step He is leading us.  We also know that YOU have played a major part in what God is doing and we at The Cave of Adullam thank you.

Lets continue to share His Word and Love to all the Nations.  One step at a time, the difference will be made.

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