Reconstructing the Mission House “Hidden Paradise”

For many years the mission in La Barra del Colorado has served the village and people around the Colorado River and the San Juan River. Many of you have come and stayed at the mission to serve and share the Gospel, giving hope to the lost. Many have stayed at the mission “Hidden Paradise”, and have experienced a fresh renewal and change from God.

The Mission House “Hidden Paradise” is in need of reconstruction. It literally fell. (a few years ago Carlos did fall through the floor planks). It looks like a tornado came in and did it’s work. Getting supplies to the mission house will be challenging seeing that we would have to get everything from a city that is 2 1/2 hour drive on dirt road and then a 1 to 1/1/2hr. boat ride.

In May 2022 Carlos and I will be going to hike sections of the Appalachian Trail. Carlos will hike a few summits and fire towers about 15 miles / 24 kilometers. He will hike the Max patch trail to the summit and back. I will hike a few hiking sections, from Albert Mountain to Nantahala Outdoor Center and from Max Patch to Hot Springs and Lovers leap about 70miles / 124 kilometers.

Our desire and hope is that hiking the Appalachian trail will be a fund raiser for the reconstruction of the Mission house “Hidden Paradise” in La Barra del Colorado. So we can continue to love and share the Good News to the river villages and be able to take other missionaries and mission teams to help share the Good News.

If you desire to be part of this project you can send $1 per mile, $5 per mile $10 per mile or one set amount to:

13295 SW 34 St, Miami Fl. 33175



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