The Family

Untitled-1-01-01We the Sanchez family are serving in the mission field in Costa Rica. The verse that we believe confirmed it all is,  “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every nation”Matthew 28;19. We have 6 children, five girls and one boy. We have homeschooled our older girls and continue with the younger ones. Each one of our children work and serve the Lord, sharing the Gospel alongside us or in other countries. We helped start and founded a Christian school which is still ministering the Love of God to the children under another organization. We have been in Costa Rica for many years helping and working alongside churches, communities, villages, and organizations.  We help encourage and uplift them so they will continue to do the work God has put before them. Our hope and desire is to reach the nations, to share the Love, to give hope to a hopeless people and to inspire and encourage in the ways of God.