Short Term Teams

Experiencing God while allowing him to use you in a mighty way is what a short- term mission trip can do. Our hope is to create an opportunity for you to be part of the work God is doing in Costa Rica. 

Teams from many different countries come for one to two weeks to share God’s love and hope to a lost people. People that have no hope, people that are searching for something, searching for someone. On a short term missions trip you can construct a kitchen that will feed many, build a church to give hope. Give a smile to a child while playing a game of soccer or help a mother feel loved and bright while learning a new skill or craft. Go to the streets and parks to sing songs of hope and share God’s love. Adventure is your thing then jungle fever here we come. While you hike for hours to reach a village you get to see the monkeys and little bitty frogs. Get to the village and you are welcomed by the nationals with their songs and music. Travel by boat and you can enjoy the Hidden Paradise while once again sharing hope and love. Teams are immersed into the culture as they spread the Good News in action and in truth.. Are you ready for an adventure that can change lives? Are you ready to Go? Are you ready to be an instrument of love to a people that need. Then together we can provide physical needs as well as spiritual needs and make a difference. You have an opportunity to see God’s hand at work.

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