Ministry Aid

Ministry Aid offers an opportunity to serve others.

We serve alongside the church and other missionaries assisting in multiple construction projects such as fixing ceilings, digging septic tanks, painting. Although their physical needs are important we desire to see their spiritual needs met through prayer and encouragement in the work God has put before them. Partnering with churches and missionaries we visit local families bringing them food, clothing, prayer, encouragement and love.

Being aware of the spiritual battle, we make a statement against the enemy, stepping foot into communities with a mindset to break down strongholds through prayer.

  Through dramas and testimonies we go out to people in the parks and communities hoping to reach those who may have never heard of or experienced Gods love and mercy. While Spending time with and speaking to the people that we meet on the streets we see God change and transform the lives of many.

Want to encourage and uplift  a mighty people of God by working alongside them?
You can be the one to encourage and uplift them to continue the work God has put before them.
It takes a mighty person of God to encourage and uplift others.